Clinic Tour

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Our Highway Sign

Park Your Car

Arrival to the clinic

Come on in!

Reception Desk

Front Desk - Reception Area

Hello, come on in! Wet noses welcome!

Exam Room

Primary Exam Room

Surgery and Dental Room


In-House Laboratory

Many tests can be run at OVS, with results available in minutes

2nd Exam Room/Radiology Room

Our X-Ray unit is mobile: used at the clinic and many farms.  This room also doubles as a second exam room.


Digital Radiography Viewing Room

Digital Images processed and available for analysis and viewing in minutes.  These images can be emailed or burned to a disc quickly as well.

Canine Boarding Kennels

We have many kennels and various sizes available for our canine clients.  There are heated floors for winter and Air Conditioning for summer and a great exercise area where the dogs are let out into three times daily.

Feline Boarding Kennels

Our feline friends have their very own area to stay.  A variety of kennels are available in the kitty room also.

Large Animal Exam Room

Even the big animals can be seen right here at the clinic.  Dr. Bruce Oscarson and his technician Jenny Staff in action.

The Barn

Stalls present on site to house and treat sick or ill large animal patients


Thanks for taking a tour! Please call or stop in with any questions you may have - we appreciate each and every one of you!